Before I trained as a makeup artist I would often ‘slap’ my makeup on using my fingers. However I quickly realized that if you want a really professional finished effect then the answer is to use the correct brush in the right way.Of course, if you are in a hurry it’s fine not to use the ‘tools of the trade’ but makeup artists always use a range of different brushes – because they are creating the perfect look, just as if they were painting a portrait (and they’re not called artists for nothing!)

I knew that I wanted to have a set of brushes within the Onlybrush product range – because the right brush used in the right way really can achieve a wonderful ‘polished’ finish when you ‘paint’ your face. So here’s how to get that professional look beloved of celebrities everywhere!

The first brush you need is for your foundation. Our brush 03 is angled so that it can be used more easily in the eye area. I swirl the brush into the Base that I have squirted onto the back of my hand and then, using a sweeping motion I start to buff the product into my skin.

Concealer is definitely better applied with a brush (04) because you need to stipple it into and onto those areas needing camouflage. I apply the cream to powder formulation Fabulous Blush first with my fingers, patting into the skin and I then take brush 02 and ensure that it is completely blended with no hard edges.

Brush 01 is invaluable if you want to ‘set’ your foundation with a light dusting of translucent powder. I also use it to brush around the very edges of the face and down onto the neck to make sure that I have completely smoothed away any lines left after applying my face makeup. It’s also great for adding bronzer if you use it.

It’s actually impossible to apply eye makeup without brushes and I use 5 in all. First the tiny fine brush which comes with the Fabulous Brow Shape works miracles on your eyebrows by painting on individual hairs – just like a real painter! It’s best to groom the brows first using brush 06.

Then the socket line created by using brush 07 and Fabulous Shade in either Charcoal or Cocoa. I then use another clean brush 07 and, using circular motions completely blend the shadow, working from the outer to the inner corner of the eye. The very small brush 05 is then perfect for drawing a smudgy line along the base of the eyelashes to make them look thicker.

And finally another brush 05 is exactly right for painting on a perfect mouth with your Fabulous Lip Colour!  First use Lip Prime just on the edges of your lips and let it dry. It’s then possible to create a really sharp line around the mouth using the 05 brush and then filling in the rest of the lips with your chosen lipstick.

And finally – look after your brushes by washing them very regularly in warm soapy water (I use a mild shampoo or any soap to dissolve the makeup).  Then dry them thoroughly, either on a radiator or on a sunny windowsill. If you look after them they will last for years.  So they are an excellent investment and essential items in your makeup kit!